4 Advantages of Dental Implants


Having a missing tooth is not just an issue of vanity; the void can cause teeth to shift creating malocclusion and other dental problems, make it difficult to get proper nutrition, prevent proper communication and can even cause a person to earn less money. It is for these reasons a dentist will recommend options to fill the gap including choices such as dentures, braces or dental implants and many experts suggest that the latter opportunity is the best selection to make.

Archeological excavations have found proof of ancient dentistry dating back thousands of years including skulls with dental implants dating back over 1,350 years old. Since those early experiments, dental care has evolved and the process of surgically anchoring a titanium rod into a jawbone and later attaching a fake tooth to complete a smile has grown in popularity and for very good reasons.

A Long Term Solution

For thousands of years humans have experimented with dental treatments including implementing dental care to kill tooth worms, blood letting to relieve toothaches and of course tooth extractions. Fortunately some of those practices have fallen to the wayside, but pulling teeth is still a real and viable solution to some dental problems and for those who have the dental health to handle it, dental implants are the best long-term solution to recreating a smile.

The process of permanently affixing a dental implant can take around that year and for those dentistry efforts a person can be rewarded with a great smile. Typically dental implants can last between 10 and 15 years when patients make sure to implement exceptional oral hygiene as well as follow other tooth savvy behaviors of eating a healthy diet, drinking water over soda, exercising and keeping up with regular dentist visits, they can last even longer.

Natural Looking

Even though fixing teeth is not just a vanity issue, chances are the individuals who endure the procedure certainly want to get something attractive for their efforts. Although some people are jumping on various dental trends such as getting diastema created by cosmetic dentistry, others simply want their teeth to look similar to pre-tooth-loss. Dental implants are the best type of dental treatment to achieve that goal.

The teeth used in dental implants are hand-crafted in a laboratory using the finest material available and that will result in a fake tooth nearly indistinguishable from the natural teeth it has been created to match. Since the fake tooth will be permanently affixed, wearers will have more control over their speech and avoid the soft “s” sound usually produced by denture wearers. Combined, these benefits will improve the confidence of the dental implant patient and their overall appearance.

Cost Per Chew

Many patients are intimidated by the price point surrounding dental implants; at a minimum patients can expect to pay more than $3,000 for one tooth and even tens of thousands of dollars for more. However, since these costs can provide years of chewing, the longevity of the remedy can make the initial expense well worth it.

The artificial teeth used in dental implants are impermeable to tooth decay and the structure makes it easier to clean thus promoting gum health. Once in place, the devices can help promote a natural type of preventative dentistry resulting in a healthier mouth. Those factors have made dental implants the superior tooth replacement methodology as the devices can be more cost effective over time (https://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/17/health/17brod.html).

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, only a professional dental exam delivered by a skilled dentist can properly determine the current state of oral, properly diagnose the cause for the tooth loss, develop and implement the dental treatments to restore dental health and determine the best tooth replacement option for each individual patient. Individuals looking to find a dentist to fix their missing teeth can count on WH Family Dental to provide them with the name and number of a compassionate dentist up to the task of rebuilding a smile.