Straight Teeth Make Life Better


Most people know that healthy teeth are a must to prevent dental problems that may contribute to other health issues. Straight teeth may also boost mental health as research has indicated that individuals with the most perfect looking of smiles are thought to be happier, healthier and smarter.

For the past few years, WH Family Dental has been reporting on various trends in cosmetic surgery, and the last thing people were looking for were perfect looking teeth. As a matter of fact, current trends in cosmetic dentistry focus in on teeth that are less than perfect; individuals are paying big money to get details such as diastema, vampire fangs, crooked dental veneers and even diamond encrusted grills. There is no arguing that those tweaks can help a person look unique, but research has shown that the average guy or gal are better off with traditionally attractive smiles and the benefits associated with them.

Straight Teeth=Happiness

Money cannot by happiness but it can help finance trips to the dentist for professional dental care. In turn, that can not only improve dental health, but will allow people to buy the smile they always dreamed of and if it happens to be one filled with straight teeth, they will be perceived as being happier by those who surround them.

The findings have come courtesy of Kelton Research, a marketing research company contracted by Invisalign to analyze the subject. The organization analyzed the responses on over 1,000 questionnaires that depicted images with people with a variety of smiles and teeth; the models with the straightest teeth were thought to have had more positive attributes (such as having love, happiness and wealth) than the models who had crooked teeth (

Straight Teeth=Career Opportunities

Beauty is linked to the perception of others and how they see you; the Kelton Research has proved that. This research also backs the sad practice of hiring managers favoring the most attractive candidate (with all other factors being equal).

Findings of the report have indicated that individuals with straight teeth were thought to be 45 percent more likely to find work than their counterparts with crooked teeth. Folks with straight teeth were also viewed as having a better chance of being wealthy or successful by 58 percent of questionnaire respondents.

This is not the only study to prove that looks influence pay. Previous studies conducted by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have found that nearly 75 percent of the population believes that an unattractive smile can diminish the odds of a person achieving business or career success. The assumption has been proved to be correct as the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has found that workers that are less than attractive earn approximately 9 percent less per hour than average looking employees. The most attractive employees tend to earn 5 percent more than average looking folks (

Straight Teeth=Love

Along with happiness and gainful employment, most people are looking for love and relationships. Those who neglect their dental health and have crooked teeth are believed to struggle. Based on the Invisalign funded study, dating site participants are thought to be 57 more likely to score a date solely on their picture. Two out of five study participants also indicated that they would not consider a second date with someone with malocclusion.

Even though Invasilign paid for the research, invisible braces are ot the only option for getting straight teeth. Conventional dental braces, dental veneers, cosmetic contouring or removable orthodontic appliances can also do the job. A dentist is the best person to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to get straight teeth. WH Family Dental is the best resource for helping locate a qualified dental care practitioner up to the task.