Common Questions About Dental Implants?

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  • How can I tell if I am healthy enough to have dental implants?
  • Where dental implants are concerned, are there risks of the body rejecting them?
  • How long will implants last?
  • Do implants require special care?
  • Is the placement of implants painful? How long does it take?
  • How long does the whole dental implant process take? Will I be without teeth or unable to eat for a long time?
  • I've heard that dental implants are experimental - is that true?
  • I've heard that dental implants are expensive. How much do they cost?
  • Does insurance pay for dental implants?
  • I must have some teeth extracted and I intend to have implants placed to restore my ability to chew. Can a dental implant be placed at the same visit as the teeth are extracted?
  • My husband and I are retired. We enjoy traveling and are on the road quite a bit. I know I need dental implants, but how can I have them done without staying in one place for several months?
  • Why do dentures lose their fit?
  • I have a tooth that is broken and my dentist recommended extraction and a bridge, but I'm not excited about grinding down the perfectly good teeth on each side to make a bridge --could an implant work here?
  • Can any dentist give me an implant?
  • I need to replace two missing teeth next to each other. Can I just have one implant placed and attach it to one of my natural teeth and make a bridge?
  • I am missing most of my back teeth and do not wish to lose any of my remaining front teeth. I've been through several sets of removable partials and could not wear any of them. Could I have teeth that stay in all the time to replace my teeth missing in the back and keep my remaining teeth in front?
  • I lost my upper back teeth on one side and have gone for years without doing anything about it. My sinuses always seem to bother me more on that side than on the side that I have back teeth. Could these problems be related to one another?
  • Both of my parents have worn complete dentures for many years, as have my grandparents. Recently, I lost two of my teeth. Does this mean that I will eventually have to have dentures?
  • I've had dentures for several years and have lost a lot of jawbone. My lower dentures are floaters and I need help. Is there still hope for me?
  • I have been a denture wearer for many years now and use denture adhesives to hold my teeth in place and am getting tired of the constant bad taste and mess in my mouth. Could dental implants eliminate using adhesives?
  • I have a full set of dentures. My uppers are fine, but my lowers are constantly a juggling act when I try to eat. Can I have implants on the lower and keep a full denture on top?
  • I am missing all of my teeth and am now wearing a full upper and lower denture. I can no longer tolerate my lowers. Will I need an implant for every tooth I am replacing on the lower jaw?
  • I can't keep my upper denture in place for very long without gagging. I also can't taste or feel the temperature or texture of food very well, so eating is not the pleasure it once was -can implants help me?
  • I had a root canal on a tooth that fractured and now it has to be removed. Can it be replaced with an implant or do I have to have a bridge or a partial?